Last night’s shoot; first in a series.

Part I for those who missed it.



From tonight.

Wow those colors are awesome! I need some glow in the dark rope!

Here’s where I got mine:

From tonight. (Also, see PART I)

From The Desk Of

Amongst the Groves - entire series for download »

The serpent’s talk by UniqueNudes

Here is the second print offering for sale from the series Amongst The Groves.

I'm a big fan of your work (especially on deviantArt), but maybe (even it ruins the image a bit) you should at a (prominent) watermark to your pictures.

I can’t bring myself to ruin my images for the sake of thwarting a few dishonest people, I just can’t.

Tuesday’s #ArchivePicOfTheDay

How do you feel when your pics are posted without credit?

ARGH!  It happens, A LOT (most recently a photo of mine went viral on Tumblr with over 20,000+ reblogs and no credit) and it is super aggravating.  Mostly because that is 20,000 people who may potentially want to purchase that photo as a fine art print and have no idea where to find it or how to buy it, costing me and the model a great deal of (at the very least potential) money.

Worse, though, is people who try to make money off my work: those who repost it on sites which charge money or sell ad space, or put my photos on items for sale.  There is a special place in artist hell for those people, and I have a copyright lawyer I keep on retainer who aggressively pursues these people.  Sadly, most of them are overseas (many in Asian countries who refuse to recognize copyrights) so often times I am simply out of luck.  (And again, money.)

The final straw is that they are taking money out of the model’s mouth.  (I share 50% of profits with the model in the image).  As I have a lot of models I make money regardless, but when people reblog/steal/etc their favorite model’s image without credit they are actually ensuring that model may never pose again, as the time/dollar trade off isn’t worth it.

Citrus by UniqueNudes

Here is the first print offering for sale from the series Amongst The Groves.

One of my classic pin-up images, lit only with the blowtorch,.  Shot in a real-working blacksmith’s shop, circa 2006.  #ArchivePicOfTheDay

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Tonight was fun.

Do you believe in magic? #ArchivePicOfTheDay

Cat nap by UniqueNudes

This is the second print offering from In The Spring.

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